Growing urbanisation has resulted in the increase of impermeable areas.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) are becoming an essential component of our built environment.

What drives SuDS?

Sustainability is today a major factor within the construction industry, influenced by both planning guidance and legislation. In most cases, we can see that the key drivers behind this change are the conservation and management of two of our most precious commodities – energy and water.

It is for this reason that SuDS are becoming an essential component of our built environment, as they add value to all three areas of sustainability.

The effective integration of SuDS into master planning, for both urban as well as residential developments, will enable us to better manage our water resources.

Today virtually all developments and products are assessed to see how they can add environmental, social and economic benefits to the built environment.

As a long established manufacturer and supplier to the built environment, Brett recognises its responsibility to develop, promote and support products, including permeable paving, for use within SuDS design.

These products must be capable of seamless integration into all forms of the hard landscaped environment to enhance water quality, minimise flood risk and improve the management of our most valuable natural resource – water.

The effective use of SuDS can help to mitigate the impact of the more extreme weather events that we are seeing as a result of changing climate patterns and of our ever increasing demands on land usage.