About PermCalc

Local Authority planning policy guidance throughout the UK has for some time encouraged the use of SuDS on
all developments, to reduce the risk of future flood events within new developments and down stream flooding.

However, the principal legislation controlling surface water drainage in England and Wales is the The Flood
and Water Management Act 2010, once it takes effect after implementation of National Standards for SuDS.

This has resulted in permeable pavements becoming a common feature within new developments where they provide
effective source control within the water management train. However, this has meant that there is an increased
demand for designing cost effective permeable pavements. This has hitherto been a laborious and time consuming
exercise for planners and designers alike.

PermCalc, which is based on the methodology used in BS 7533-13: 2009, changes all of this as it allows for the
development of a range of quick, fully costed, feasibility scenarios to help determine the most cost effective
solution for your project. This will ensure that pavements are robust and will perform for their full service
life with no additional maintenance requirements over those of a conventional pavement.

This will in turn make it easier for local authorities to approve and adopt permeable pavements without seeing
them as posing additional demands on future maintenance budgets and manpower.

Brett Landscaping can also offer CPD’s or tailored training packages to designers and local authorities alike.
Our presenters have been central to development work with CIRIA and Interpave which have fed into the relevant
British Standards, legislation ultimately the National Standards; we can therefore offer a wealth of practical
expertise to your teams. Contact us to find out more.

Creates permeable pavement design options.

Uses specific parameters to create bespoke options.

Works for permeable and/or conventional schemes.

Able to provide cost estimates.